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    In 2021/22, the authority needs to find £32.


      The Council Tax Guides which are sent out with the bills, provide information about how to pay your Council Tax, the various reductions available and how to claim Council Tax Support.




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              2. 16:42, 10 FEB 2022 News The Tameside council headquarters at Tameside One Council tax is set to rise by around 3pc in Tameside from April which will see residents pay at least £31 more.

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                There is a capital limit of £6,000 – this means people who have more than £6,000 in savings or capital will not receive.


                Though this council tax increase is lower than the increase for 2021/2022 of 4.

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                 · Dear Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council, In respect of the Freedom of Information Act of 2000, and subject to section 40(2) on personal data, could you please provide me with your local authority’s complete and most-recently updated list of all commercial occupiers of residential properties council tax data, including the following fields: - Firm's.

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                Return to council home.

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                GET THE APP.

                Community Council Precept (£) Community Council Tax Base (Band D equivalent dwellings) Average Band D Community Council Tax (£) 2018-19: 2019-20.

                Contact us via this form if you.


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                Information for landlords.

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                Mar 05, 2021 · Salford As part of its “no cuts budget” – which was approved by councillors in the borough last month – the neighbouring authority of Salford will increase council tax by 3.

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                Information on Council Tax in Trafford.

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                Trafford Council's repositories.

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                 · Trafford council has a £15m budget gap going into 2022-23 financial year.