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      You may have already started a rehabilitation program (rehab).


        . These types of cases often result in discoloration of the skin as well.


          During this end-of-life stage, signs that death is near include: Body temperature that's a degree lower than normal (or more) Lower blood pressure An irregular pulse that may slow down or speed up Increased sweating Skin color changes, with pale or bluish lips and nail beds. I’ll do.

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              Radiotherapy damaging the skin or nerves in the treated area. Burning toes is a common grumble and usually caused by damaged foot or legs nerves may be due to underlying disease or injury. Make a plan for your dog's end-of-life care.

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                Pain after stroke.

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                Cardiovascular Disease 9.



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                “For other patients who are not actively dying, it might hasten death to some extent, bringing it on in hours.

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                Oct 11, 2022 · Back pain in adults can cause severe and radiate pain, particularly to the neck, back, arms, legs, and feet.

                weakness, numbness, throbbing, cramps, aching, or.

                i do not know if this is something other people with pots experience and was wondering if other people have also had this problem.


                A common manifestation of SCALE is the Kennedy Terminal Ulcer.

                There are many fascinating cases of relatively painless trauma, and relatively trauma-less pain.

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                The cancer blocking a part of the body, for example the bowel, and stopping it working normally.


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                In many cases, it’s not! The pain is a kind of ghost of the original, a tormenting poltergeist.

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                skin and body may be cool to touch.

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